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Adding Behaviors to 3D Models
7 June, 2005

You can add behaviors to models inside a 3D sprite by attaching behavior instances to the model's userData property.

Scrolling Text Horizontally
11 April 2005

Use a single line text sprite to make horizontally scrolling text that automatically scrolls to the left.

Highlighting Multiple Text Selections
7 April 2005
Highlighting text in uneditable Text members is not a simple matter. It requires a separate sprite. So why not exploit this fact to create a multiple selection highlight?

Building an Email Client in Director
19 November 2004
Use the Multiuser Xtra to connect to a POP server and retrieve email.

Spot Lights, Angles, Faces and Distance
15 November 2004
How to create and size your spotlights so they reflect nicely on models in Shockwave 3D

3D Lingo: Using Vector Math to Move a Model In a Plane
19 October 2004
In the second part of this series, you'll learn how to solve the colorBuffer.clearValue problem, how to determine which model is under the mouse, how to describe the ray which enters the 3D world from the mouseLoc, how to describe the direction in which the camera is pointing, how vectors can be combined to form a dot product, and how a particularity of this dot product can be used to move a model with the mouse.

3D Lingo: Cameras, Overlays and Background Color
19 October 2004

In the first of a two-article series, we'll look at how to create and modify a 3D primitive, how to define a point in 3D space, how to create and place cameras, how to define a different background color for each camera, how to create an overlay for a camera and how to set the camera for a given sprite.

Keeping Tabs On Director
28 August 2004

Using bitmap members, sprites, properties, events, the matte ink, locZ and list, you can add simple tabs with only 21 lines of code.

Multiple Undo Functionality for Director Applications
22 April 2004

Add multiple levels of Undo and Redo in your Director application

Look, no sprites!
20 June 2000
Learn some Imaging Lingo tricks to draw directly on the stage. Use copyPixels() and duplicate() to create a screenBuffer that makes for quick imaging onto the stage. Sprites? Who needs sprites?

Inter-sprite Communications
15 June 1999

Explore sendSprite, sendAllSprites, sharing lists, and other methods of inter-sprite communications.

Hot under the color
13 August 1998

A behavior to create hotText in Director.

Interactive filmLoops
2 July 1998
Gain extensive insight into working with filmLoops.