Face Camera
    Follow Model

  Drag and Drop
    Drag Model
    Drag To Rotate
    Drag Overlay
    Keep InView
    Snap to Model


    Draw On 3D
    Pick Action
    Place Cylinder
    UV Test

    Photo Cube
    Rotate Shader
    Shared Shader
    Texture Map


    Miss Vertex
    Havok Platform
    Reset Models
    Show Rollover
    Virtual Gravity

Film Loops
Imaging Lingo


This movie demonstrates an enhanced version of the Pick Action behavior (you can find the original behavior here and another implementation of this enhanced version here). This version allows you to detect rollovers on models which register with the Pick Action behavior. Try rolling over the plane: its shader should become brighter.

The movie also demonstrates four other 3D scripts:

  • Rollover: an instance of this custom script is attached to the userData list of the plane model, to change its shader on rollover. Rollover is activated because the model is registered with the Pick Action behavior, and because the parameters of the Pick Action behavior are set to send #mouseEnter and #mouseLeave events to registered models.
  • Drag Model: a single instance of this generic script is attached to the userData list of both models. The Pick Action behavior activates the Drag Model script when you click on a model to drag it around. The Drag Model behavior works equally well regardless of whether the projection is orthographic or perspective.
  • Face Camera: an instance of this generic script is applied to the parent of the plane model, so that the plane is always turned to face the camera
  • Move Camera: this generic behavior allows you to use the arrow keys to rotate the camera, and the X, Y, Z, R (reset) and C (cavalier) keys to obtain preset views.

Rather than use the #stepFrame event, obtained by adding an instance to the actorList, this movie uses an Event Broker movie script to forward #enterFrame events to instances which need a regular frame event. This has the advantage of moving handler execution from between frames (where time is in short supply) to during a frame (when Director can use idle time, rather than slowing the frame rate).